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​December 13, 2018

We will have two beautiful litters of BH Rebecca Gina/ Ru piglets next Spring!

Four, 100% grass-fed, humanely raised steers for beef are available! Make your deposit for this succulent meat now!

Colorado Kunes and Cows


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Colorado Kunes and Cows is located in the rural Mancos Valley in southwest Colorado. On our Centennial ranch, we raise Kunekune pigs with access to grass during the summer and organic corn and alfalfa during the winter months. Here, 100% grass-fed, humanely raised, beef cattle are nurtured until they reach their zenith value. We ensure trust and availability to our patrons as well as high-quality beef and outstanding multi-purpose pigs.
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    The Kunekune pig page will give you the expanse of our piggy story, what a Kunekune pig is and what makes our pigs special. However, the main part of my Kune page is the pigs for sale, information about all of my pigs, a photo gallery and AKKPS registration papers.
    Harrison in his swimming pool!
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    The next page is all about our yearling calves. Here you will learn about the cattle on our ranch and what buying beef here means. Then you will see what beef you can buy including who is coming up next, the cows, the bulls and a photo gallery. Sunnyside Meats is
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    The Question and Answer page describes every unanswered question that you may have! However if I missed something, please let me know!
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  4. My blog has a lot of information about our pigs as well as funny pictures! Go check it out!
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Hello! My name is Lilly Figueroa. I am fourteen years old and live in Mancos, Colorado on a 370-acre ranch with my family.  I am the sixth generation to live in Mancos and I plan to attend Colorado State University after I graduate. I want to be a large animal ethologist and eventually teach people about animal behaviors. I knew that I had to have some experience with animals before I reached that. So in 2014, I bought a heifer calf and raised her. The next year my heifer had a steer calf.  I then bought two steer calves from my grandpa. I have raised them and sold them for beef at 18 months old. For the next years, I will continue to raise calves to sell as a whole or half beef. In addition, I realized my growing passion for the intelligent pig needed some watering. Two months later I found the loving KuneKune. Instantly, I fell in love with this docile breed. In 2016 my family and I did research, made visits, built fence, and designed shelter structures. On May 26, 2017, my mom, dad and I picked up our three Kunekune piglets from the Albuquerque airport. They were shipped from ​Virgina Kunekunes (Kathy Petersen) and we have started our incredible journey with them. 

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