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​May 12, 2019

KuneKune Pigs

Our Piggy Story

     I had never heard of a Kunekune pig before. In first grade, when my mind was open to any possibilities, I found the book "Hope" by Randy Houk.  "Hope" is about a pig living on a factory farm. She got her foot caught in the wire floored cage. It got infected and she could not walk. The workers threw her into a nearby dumpster. Someone heard her and took her to a rescue where she saw sunlight, felt the grass and got love for the first time.
     I realized that the best way to teach people about these wonderful pigs would be to appreciate them! I first began my search by visiting a Red Wattle ranch. The pigs were very nice and the people were extremely kind. However, rooting was a big problem for us. We have a nice, big pasture in front of our house and did not want it to get torn up. With a lot of research, I found the


          only non-rooting pig, a Kunekune. For the next six months, I went to all the possible sites to find a breeder. We gained our first three pigs: Camora, Alice, and Harrison from Virgina Kunekunes.

     We began with a small heard of two gilts and a boar in the summer of 2017. We purchased our three piglets and picked them up from the Albuquerque airport. "When Pigs Fly" became a reality for me. We brought them safely to our rural Mancos Valley home in Colorado. 

Seen to the right, our ginger/black sow Camora.

​When Pigs Fly!

We will offer air transport. The charge will include a crate, transportation to the ABQ airport,  a veterinarian checks up and the plane cost. Please contact me if you are intrested in this alternative option and we will set it up. 

The Kunekune pig was almost extinct in the 1970's. Originating in New Zealand, the Kune pigs were owned by the native Maori peoples. "Kunekune," pronounced "Kooney Kooney," means "fat and round" in Maori. The pigs lived near the homes of the villagers in New Zealand, thus their docile nature. Michael Willis and John Simister saved the Kunekune population from extinction. They visited the island and gathered together all of the remaining Kune pigs. 
  • 1970 - 18 Pigs left
  • 1980 - 50 Pigs left
  • 2010 - 1000 Pigs left
In 1995 the first KuneKune pig set foot in America!

What Is A KuneKune Pig?

Kune Care
Kune pigs can live on a 100% grass diet,  They use the earth rather than destroying it like other commercial breeds. 
Kunes do:
  • Largely range is color
  • Become 24 -30 inches tall
  • Weigh 125 -250 lbs.
  • Great in all weather, hardy!
A Kunekune has the most unique and charming personality! Kunekunes are extremely docile, they get along with other animals easily and thrive on human attention! Our Kunes lovesnuggle up and sleep with our cat and dogs. 
Kunes do not:
  • Root
  • Smell
  • ​Need many vaccinations

Go to the Question and Answer Page for more information about everything listed and more!

Above Alice is giving you her sweet little buck tooth grin!

​​What Makes Our KuneKune Pigs Specail

Our KuneKune Pigs:
  • Live and fatten on grass and organic feed. The grasses are a mixture of orchard and Timothy grasses.  Closest to the ground is a soft layer of purple clover (their favorite).
  • Have access to grass in the spring, summer, and fall.  In the winter, they eat hay grown on our ranch (no sprays). They also get apples from our trees to eat throughout the fall and we save some for winter!
  • Experience Colorado's high elevation, which means that the piglets can easily adjust to different climates.
  • It's "Piggy Time!"

​​KuneKune Piglets for Sale

Alice and Camora will both deliver babies June of 2019. Get on our waiting list now!

Prices: (All registered Kunekune piglets)

Gilts/Females - $700 each or 2 for $1200

Boars/Males - $700 Each or 2 for $1200

Pastured raised, Omega 3 rich, KuneKune pork
$7.00 a pound live weight
Kunes sold for meat are delivered to Sunnyside Meats in Durango, Colorado at 12-18 months of age.
  You pay processing and choose your cuts of meat.   
Please contact me for more information. 

Our Sows and Gilts

Camora means wise and beautiful. It certanly fits her!
  • Registerd
  • BH Rebacca Gina/Mahia Love
  • ​Due: June 2019
  • Ginger/ Black
Alice is a beautiful vintage name that represents nobility. 
  • Registered
  • BH Rebecca Gina/ Andrew
  • ​Due: June 13,  2019
  • White/Brown
Elsie is a Scottish name that means Godess of Plenty.

  • Registered
  • Kereopa/Boris
  • 1st Breeding - Feb. 2020
  • Ginger/Black

​​Our Boars

Harrison is our magnificent boar. He is the sweetest most docile boar! Nice topline and tailset!
  • Registerd 
  • Ru/ Sally  
  • ​Bred with Camora and Alice
  • ​ Unique Swallowbelly Ginger
Ford is a handsome boar with unique facial markings and a high pedigree. 

  • Registered
  • Tonganui/Trish
  • To be used in breeding Feb. of 2020
  • Black/White
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